10 great ways to motivate a project team

A motivated project team can bring a project to life. It can give the project the momentum it needs during its toughest hours and spur people on to reaching the end. Great management is the key to getting the most out of a team, and part of managing a team… Read more »

Briefing Your Colleagues on a Project – 7 Steps

An important part of project success is effectively communicating status of the project to internal stakeholders. These project briefings are important whether you are the only one working on the project or when you are part of a team, and perhaps even the project leader. When a project has a… Read more »

How to Manage an Information Technology Project – Part 3/3

One mistake project managers make is calculating percent complete based on hours of effort spent versus total hours planned for the entire project. The fact that team members have expended two thousand hours on a planned ten thousand hour project does not mean that it is twenty percent complete. Rather,… Read more »

How to Manage an Information Technology Project – Part 2/3

The other consideration when staffing the project is the type of information technology project, and obtaining people experienced in this type of project. If the kind of project is new to everyone or almost everyone on the project team, the risk of failure is large. Only by finding staff who… Read more »